Saturday, 4 June 2011

Real techniques brush set

an alternative use ive found for the real techniques brush set, ok its a lil lame but its really helping! The brush sets (core, travel and starter) come with a duo case and stand for your brushes that holds them upright and secure to stop the bristles bending or breaking off.

My novel use is to dry my expensive make up brushes and prevent water entering the farel an ruining the glue inside, i stand them in the case and pop them upside down, the water drains out and they dry quicker.

To the left, the starter set which holds my mac 239, 217 and 222 brushes perfectly, ideal for drying brushes on the go as they dry quicker.
The middle one is the travel set, which hold just three brushes but fits my 125, 227 and 187 brushes perfectly.
The core collection set here holds my core collection brushes from real techniques  after washing

Thanks for reading! pixie xx


Care's Beauty Bar said...

That's a fantastic option for the cases Pip!

Claire said...

Brill idea, thanks for sharing!