Saturday, 4 June 2011

Real techniques brush set

an alternative use ive found for the real techniques brush set, ok its a lil lame but its really helping! The brush sets (core, travel and starter) come with a duo case and stand for your brushes that holds them upright and secure to stop the bristles bending or breaking off.

My novel use is to dry my expensive make up brushes and prevent water entering the farel an ruining the glue inside, i stand them in the case and pop them upside down, the water drains out and they dry quicker.

To the left, the starter set which holds my mac 239, 217 and 222 brushes perfectly, ideal for drying brushes on the go as they dry quicker.
The middle one is the travel set, which hold just three brushes but fits my 125, 227 and 187 brushes perfectly.
The core collection set here holds my core collection brushes from real techniques  after washing

Thanks for reading! pixie xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Mac big bounce eyeshadow review

The new mac big bounce eyeshadows came out here yesterday, and i gave in and purchased three. just three, not the whole lot, just my favorite colours i can see myself wearing :) 

The product: 
The consistency is gel like, i can see it leaking out if you tip the pot up without noticing. The colour pay off is amazing.
Spread the wealth
Luxury touch

count your assets

luxury touch, count your assets, share the wealth
Luxury touch, count your assets, spread the wealth

The container - the same as mac paintpots, with a little plastic lid to help stop the product leaking everywhere. You get 0.17 US ounces of product, which is plenty i think.

Overview- a great alternative to cream eyeshadows but i think they could benefit from being a little thicker. Also a little goes a long way so dont use too much! Also as with all cream products set it with a powder, they make great bases for mac powder eyeshadows

Sunday, 29 May 2011

NOTD: Mac jade dragon

NOTD : Mac jade dragon with no 17. gold crackle over the edges.

Seche vite dry fast topcoat review

Ill admit it, im too easily distracted, clumy, and inpatient to paint my nails. They smudge constantly. Until i found this baby.
The deal:
A clear, thick glossy top coat, with a strong chemical smell (not over whelming, just obvious). It reminds me of a gel, but without being too thick and doesnt take long to dry.

The application:
Apply your base coat, colours and leave for 60 seconds. Then apply this (even while still wet) and it seals the colour and leaves your nails dry to the touch in just a minute. It is my saviour. Protects your nails for days, even from biting picking and peeling, as best as it can do.

The obvious :
Apply a nice thick coat, get a good size bead on the end of the brush. if you use it wrong you'll get mixed results. Remember to apply it while your nails are still wet.

The thoughts:
Easily the best top coat ive ever used, even my mum agrees and shes fussy. It saved my nails, giving me a beautiful manicure and nail colour that i struggle to find with others ive tried, including OPI etc.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Mac blush collection! :)

This is my Mac blush collection ,this is blushes and beauty powders, I am a make up artist i do need lots of products! enjoy!

Top row - prim and proper , dame, peaches,
bottom row : sculpt, bone beige, margin

Top row - emphasize, gingerly
Bottom row- taupe , garb

Top row - the perfect cheek, personal style, instant chic,
Bottom row - breath of plum, blush baby, dirty plum

Pink swoon, bite of an apple

Venomous villains - Oh so fair, her own devices, briar rose

Hello kitty tahitian sand

Dame edna - spectacle, what a dame

Packaging, top row dame edna, hello kitty
middle row - Venomous villains
Bottom row - Mac pink swoon and venomous villains bite of an apple

Eyeshadow collection! - Mac

Mac Mac eyeshadow collection! Please bear in mind i am a MUA so have to have a lot of product!
Top row : Silver ring, handwritten
Bottom row: Knight divine and carbon

top row : Going bananas, juxt, soble, atlantic blue, passionate, vibrant grape, sushi flower
Second row : Bright future, swimming, zingy, crazy cool, louder please, black tulip, free to be
Third row, sassy grass, cranberry, parfait amoure, jungle moon, shock-a-holic, sketch
Last row - lime, freshwater, beauty marked, post haste, woodwinked, all that glitters

Top row ; blanc type, omega, beautiful iris, mineral, girly
Second row: daisy chain, quarry, cork, humid, manilla paper
last row: vanilla, kid, brun, naked lunch, yogurt

Top row: mink pink, trax, blanc type, atzec brick, satin taupe,
second row - shale, nocturnelle, wedge, creole beauty, mulch
Last row, shale, bruised plum, flip, vex, jest

Blushes, and then mac mutiny pigment pressed, plumage and black tied

top row - Vile violet, De-vil, vainglorious, sweet joy, carbon
bottom row- her alter image, sand and sun, firecracker

She who dares, my dark magix

Packaging of  venomous villains and to the beach eyeshadows
 Thanks for reading everyone! Pixie

Monday, 28 March 2011

Rave Review! Soap and glory the righteous butter

Im addicted, ill admit it, ill buy anything soap and glory now because im addicted to their products! Ive not yet found a product i dont love, and dont tell Matt i said, but even he has started using them! :) On the little shelf in his little flat, he has The fab pore 15 minute facial peel, and Scrub your nose in it, the multitasking scrub and mask! I'll hunt out bargains, stock up on my faves and generally take over a general area of the bathroom with my products

But who knew i'd find a body butter that i love so much? 
The body shops mango body butter doesnt impress me much, neither do any of the whole host ive been working through over the years, but i have actually found one that i love, love love, love love. so much so i just keep rebuying. 

The Righteous Butter.
- award winning body moisturising butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. With a new dynamic moisture trap matrix to help hold hydration longer - Soap and glory

A body butter with a thick creamy consistency, it spreads well. Smells divine.
 It leaves my legs with that smooth feeling that makes me want to run my hands down my legs all day. It is a little floral, mostly fruity, A similar Mandarin smell to their clean on me shower gel,  but a beautiful strawberry undertone drifts past my nose as i smooth this into my legs. Tested against my second favourite (Palmers firming cocoa putter) The righteous butter left my skin softer and more hydrated for longer. and with the favourite as the sun is now showing its face here in manchester, which means its time for bare legs and i want to look my best!

How i use it (and products of notable use) 

Shower time, after shaving my legs and while the conditioner is treating my poor locks to some love. I scrub my legs, ass, stomach, arms (everywhere...) with Flake Away, 'Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant', it offers 'superhero strength skin smoothing'. I apple a generous amount and rub in circles. This seems to melt into my skin and leave my skin super smooth. I then wash off the excess product and take the conditioner out of my hair, then hop out of the shower into my towel. I pat my skin so its still damp, and i take my seat on the side of the bath and start applying The righteous butter from my neck down. It takes a little while to sink in, so i do other things while it soaks in then hop into some clothes and out the door!

For extra moisture on the go, i recommend Girligo,  a moisturising mist for body, i spray a little on my legs and arms while im out to keep my skin soft. or if ive left my The Righteous butter travel size at home, i always know i have this in my handbag!

The righteous butter is available at boots for £10.21
Flake away is available at boots for £6.64
Girligo is also available at boots, harvey nichols and asos for £6.38

For more info, products and offers visit